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Thema: Spiritueel-Nieuws
Naam : Esther
Titel : Piracanga in Brazil
Tekst : There are places in the world where the soul can rest and the spirit gets free, places where we can forget our human worries and where dreams come back to challenge us. There are places where peace embraces us and softly makes a home inside of us….

Where only the sea, the coconut trees, the stars and the sun rule, where we can move away from the world so full of everything and nothing and find the truth and beauty with the simplicity and charm of nature.

Piracanga is a place like this, the ideal location for your retreat, individual or in groups. Piracanga is a residential center for Human Development and Eco village with our own school. We organize courses, workshops, spiritual weddings and events.

Group leaders can bring their own group and rent Piracanga entirely to have complete privacy. We have many facilities available like professional music system, cinema, yogamats, white board, projector with laptop, steam sauna, kayaks etc.

Individual you can enjoy a holliday of tranquility and peace with many exciting excursions to choose from. Please check our program!!
Website : http://www.piracanga.com
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