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Thema: Kristallen-Edelstenen
Naam : eric
Tekst : This workshop is a wonderful introduction to Lemuria, connecting you with your Lemurian self, and learning crystal and metaphysical concepts as well as simple techniques to embrace Lemurian consciousness into healing for yourself, others and Gaia, our Beloved Planet. In these 2 days we will share meditations, channelling from the Council of Lemurian Elders; and you can practice and receive healing sessions based on Lemurian wosdom.
If you already know other healing modalities the Crystal Keys can be a good foundation to deepen your healing experiences. It is also suitable for beginners and for people who want to practice Earth healing rather than people healing. All materials are included in the price; a folder with 14 Laminated Imprints of Wholeness, 22 symbols on acetate and a manual. You are required to choose in advance your budget for 13 Lemurian quartz crystals which become your personal and planetary tools; ranging from 30 – 300 euros.
I then ask for guidance to match crystals to your resonance and bring them to the workshop. You can also choose and buy a dowsing pendulum of amethyst or rose quartz at the workshop or bring your own. You will be given Meditation CDs which are made at the workshop (included in the cost).
Kathleen has been teaching this Lemurian healing wisdom since 2001. It was given to her by Kalif the crystal skull, using crystals, colour, symbols, sound and vibrational remedies. There are at present 4 levels: level 1 is an attunement to your Lemurian self and guides from the Council of Lemurian Elders and practitioner level for healing self, others and earth healing. Level 2 is opening up perceptions to multi-dimensional awareness with an introduction to sacred geometry and stellar selves. Level 3 is to develop an understanding of Miasms and the Light and Dark Crystalline Matrices; and allows the participant to teach level one when a presentation about energy, crystals and the Lemurian keys is made. Level 4 which will be taught in 2012 allows participants to teach level 2. There are now teachers of Crystal Keys in 3 countries and Crystal Keys is recognised as an insurable therapy.
Kathleen Murray is the director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural healing, based in Aberdeenshire Scotland. The Academy offers Crystal and Gem Therapy Diploma courses, accredited by ACHO (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations), and the Crystal Therapy Council, the new lead body for Crystal Healing; and Colour and Advanced Vibrational Medicine Diploma courses accredited by ACTO (Association of Colour Therapy Organisations). She is the author of the Divine Spark of Creation; the crystal skull speaks, published in 1998. She has been a speaker at International Conferences in Ireland, England, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, France and Kuwait. In addition to teaching in these countries, she has also given workshops in Australia, Brazil, America and Iceland.
Website : http://www.
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