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Thema: Artikelen-over-Bewustwording
Naam : Mascha Roedelof
Titel : Money is the root of all evil?
Tekst : No the ones stating this are incorrect in what they are projecting on money. Money is not the root of all evil. The root of all evil is our stolen life entrance and in the here now entrance to life (shelter, food, etc.) is occupied in money.

What transformation will be here when money is left out? There is none absolutely none. And money will be replaced by another tool to power over, to control. That tool is already here: our stolen life entrance.

What do we all NEED: entrance to life (shelter, food, etc.) So give everyone enough and the same amount of money for this. There will be no poorness anymore and there will be no richness anymore in the old meaning of these concepts.

Leave money out and then? Is the sick psyche of people healed then? Do the poor have their shelter and food then? No bc still their life entrance is occupied. All current structures and institutes are here to sacrifice you (and me of course).

Its all about our life entrance. Claim your life entrance back. Free and unburdened and unburdening life entrance is our natural protection from the power over, the control from others.

So now you know why you do not have free entrance to life. Claim it back.


Oh wow what a projections I received from the old paradigm looking at money
- as long as someone has money there is someone who doesn't have it so yes money = lack and inequity. End of story.
- live only as disconnected to it as you can until the time comes for it to pass away... talking about just changing currencies or the way we trade to fix anything is not going to do anything.
- what the hell do you think I am talking about? The entire system is jobs, schools, hospitals, police, military, government... it is ALL fake.
- you want to continue on in this system with your idea of currency and as I said that is a flawed way of thinking and not possible.
- This is what love and togetherness brings with currency okay...it's called corruption (along with a photo of the pope...).
- if you are talking about money then I am not interested It is fake like everything else in this world and while it exists there will be NO new paradigm okay just more brokeness...you put high octane fuel in a broken down car??? The system needs to implode only then can we create a new one.
- seriously if you feel that way then good luck but the truth is in a time of higher consciousness there is no need for money when you can understand that you will have unchained from your bondage to the physical perspective you exist in.

Yes all this is true from the old paradigm of lack and shortest, but it is not the truth from the new paradigm where we create the same amount monthly for everyone.

Money is not responsible for the sick psyche in peoples mind. The sick psyche of lack and shortest is. And greediness and competition of course. We have to heal this sick psyche. Not necessary moving away from money is the solution to this filthy current system. When you feel the necessity of moving away from money your psyche isn't healed yet and you have loads of projections on money which itself does do nothing.

Yes I can imagine a world without money, but to me its not a necessity. Yes leaving the filthy current system is. Yes the filthy current system has to implode. So leave it alone and co-create the new living togetherness from the new paradigm. Keep life entrance in a shared state and when you grasp what I'm saying you grasp this is not about money at all: this is about our living togetherness.

Have a good Christmas everyone. It is my heartfelt longing that next year everyone has a shelter and food on the table during these days of the year (and all days of course).

And this vid is very clear about what I'm saying
Website : http://www.hetbewustepad.nl
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