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Nederland : Your SoulMandala
Naam Website: Your SoulMandala, Multidimensional Art
Your SoulMandala. Making the Unvisible Visible by creating a Multidimensional Personal Mandala for people is one of my passions.
URL Website: www.yoursoulmandala.com
Korte Omschrijving:

Your SoulMandala. Making the Unvisible Visible by creating a Multidimensional Personal Mandala for people is one of my passions.



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Wie is ?: Ellen Noome

Joyful Child
Being born on 7-7-52 on a Dutch Antilles Island, I lived in South America for 10 years and moved to Holland with my Dutch parents and brother. I was a happy child and did all things in life 'as I should'.

College, marriage and kids
In College I got a degree in psychology and after marrying Jan Willem (JW) 25 years ago we had two beautiful children Dominique and Robert. I AM grateful for their Shining Presence in my life.

Soul Search
More than 20 years ago my Soul became restless and I started a slowly intensifying search to remember who I AM.
And to understand about Energy, as I realized that my Soul knew about the deeper nature of it.

I visited and worked with many teachers, from Cherokee lineage shamans to Feng Shui and Crystal Masters and Sai Baba in India. Traveling mostly alone, but always supported by JW. I AM grateful for his Unconditional Love.

And …I got a little closer to the Answer … only to finally realize that I had traveled with it all along ;-)

When I saw a mandala workshop while roaming the Web, I realized I had to join in , bringing me for the first time to Big Island, Hawaii in 2003. And as with many Lemurians, I knew I had come Home. I returned each year for a few months at a time and created - with JW's sponsoring- a Seminar "Passion is Creation" in Kona in 2006.

I have always been inspired to manifest -one way or another- Invisible into Visible Beauty . Redoing many of the 33(!) houses I lived in, also working with the energies that way . And these days by traveling the world with others to work with the energies of certain sites and by being a humble vessel for Spirit to come through me in writing and mandala drawings.

Choosing to become a pilgrim led to my decision to ask for my freedom in my marriage. Being with my Soul family members all over this planet means that most of the time the feeling of being Alone turns out to be All-One.

After meeting my twin flame in 2003, my memories of Lemuria started to open up in visions. In Hawaii I could 'see' him walking with me and although we are not together in this life, we live in Union in a parallel, other dimensional life in a Lemurian Light City. The insights and mandalas that 'seep' through from that dimension into my daily life are the source of my Lemurian Memories.

Through sharing and holding the Vision of Union I intend to contribute my knowing that we are all Beauty-Full.
And by allowing our eyes and hearts to see and experience the other with unconditional Love, without attachment or judgment, we create Inner Peace and Inner Beauty.

  • mandalas
  • healing
  • art, drawings
  • creation
  • workshops

We all have our own Sacred songs , gifts and scents.
They are almost tangible in the different resonances that people emanate.
It is my Passion to open myself to them and make the Unvisible Visible.
I share some examples with you.

The mandalas are arranged time-wise, with the latest creation shown first.
If you click on the name of the mandala a small screen will open up.

Banner: Your SoulMandala. Making the Unvisible Visible by creating a Multidimensional Personal Mandala for people is one of my passions.

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